Chamber of Commerce

The chamber of commerce certifies trade documents from Swedish companies.
They can also stamp Letters of guarantee meant for applications for Saudi Arabian visas.
IMPORTANT! Supplier invoices from the sender/exporter shall always attach the certificate of origin when the country of origin is other than Sweden.
However, observe that the above also applies when the country of origin is Sweden and it relates to an invoice in the certificate, for example, the attached invoice.

Members pay the following fees:
Original: SEK 208:- excl. VAT.
Copies: SEK 160:- excl. VAT.
Letter of guarantee costs SEK 208:- excl. VAT.
Non-members pay the following fees:
Original: SEK 368:- excl. VAT.
Copies: SEK 240:- excl. VAT.
Letter of guarantee costs SEK 368:- excl. VAT.

In Copenhagen there are two Chambers of Commerce at Dansk Erhverv (The Danish Chamber of Commerce) and Dansk Industri (The Confederation of Danish Industry). You should therefore indicate when ordering whether your business is a member of one of these. These Chambers of Commerce validate trade documents for companies registered for Danish VAT.
In addition there are Chambers of Commerce in:
Dansk Erhverv:
Århus, Tel: 86 13 53 55
Odense, Tel: 66 14 47 14
Aalborg, Tel: 98 16 06 00
Aabenraa, Tel. 74 62 49 62

Dansk Industri:
Århus, Tel: 86 20 44 80
Odense, Tel: 66 14 21 20
Aalborg, Tel: 99 33 45 00

Many importing countries require that the information in export documents shall be legalised/ verified by a Chamber of Commerce in order to be accepted as reliable.The Chamber of Commerce in Oslo undertakes this by numbering, stamping and signing the documents.
The documents which are most frequently legalised by the Chamber of Commerce are:
– Certificates of Origin (L501)
– Invoices / pro forma invoices
– Contracts, agent agreements and declarations
– Health certificates for fish
– Visa applications to Saudi Arabia

Authority’s fees
The fee varies depending on the type of document.

Authority’s processing time (working days)
Same day.