Notary Public

Certify and notarise the signatures on general and personal documents.
The Notary Public shall, within his area of operations, and in general:
1. Certify signatures, witnesses and other information about the content of the documents
2. Certify that an authority or a person is authorised to take certain service commitments or that someone has a certain service position or competence or is authorised to represent someone else.
The Notary Public may also certify translations to the extent that his/her language skills allow.
The Notary Public may also issue APOSTILLE.
In order for a Notary Public to be able to issue an apostille, the document must first be notarised.
The Notary Public that Comet engages can assist with both notarisation and apostille!
IMPORTANT! In Sweden, as of 1 January 2005, ONLY Notary Publics have the right to issue an apostille.
Confirms and notarizes signatures on general and personal documents. A notary public shall, within his/her field of activity also assist the public in:
1. Certifying signatures, copies and other information about the content of documents
2. Confirm that an authority or a person is authorised to deal with certain official documents or has a certain official position or competence or is entitled to act as deputy for another.
A Notary Public may also attest translations to the extent that is/her linguistic skills permit it.

A notary public can provide various types of notarial authentication. The type of authentication issued depends on the type of document concerned and what the documentation shows.
The most common types of notarial authentication are:1. Confirmation of a signature after personal contact and the presentation of some form of identification. A passport, bank card or driver’s licence of the new type is approved as identification. This type of confirmation can be required on powers of attorney to a representative abroad, powers of attorney concerning the purchase or sale of property abroad, documents relating to adoption of a foreign child or documents concerning inheritance from abroad.
2. Confirmation of a signature and the right to sign for a company is provided after a personal contact and the presentation of identification and a company certificate from the Brønnøysund Register Centre. The company certificate shall be an original document, and shall be not more than 3 months old. An assignment authorisation, a power of attorney or a patent application may, for example, require such a confirmation.
3. Confirmation of a nationally authorised translator as a confirmation of the translator’s signature and that this person is an authorised translator. This type of confirmation can be required on translations of, for example, public documents or certificates.
4. A declaration on oath is required when one before a notary public shall declare that the contents of a document are correct. The wording of the document will show that this type of confirmation is required. This applies in most cases for documents to U. S. A. and Canada. It is necessary to apply in person and to show identification.
5. Confirmation of the correctness of copies of documents to be used by foreign authorities. The purpose for which the documents are to be used should be indicated.
6. Copies of certificates and evidence for applications for schooling or employment are not confirmed by a notary public. Copies for such purposes can be attested by the person issuing the document or by a copying agency
7. Confirmation of authorisation of a medical practitioner is affixed to a certificate after checking with the register of the Norwegian Medical Association. Can be required from abroad in connection with a residence or work permit for another country or in the case of adoption of a child from abroad. A certificate that one is alive may be required in connection with the payment of a pension from abroad. The person should contact the notary public In person and show valid identification.

Authority’s fees
The fee for an apostille stamp with a Notary Public is SEK 200:- (excl. VAT) per document.
The fee for notarisation varies from SEK 160:- to SEK 800:- (excl. VAT) per document.
The fees vary depending on what Notary Public is engaged and also what type of document is being notarised.
The fee varies depending on the type of document. which is to be attested.

Free of charge

Authority’s processing time (working days)
1-2 day