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New procedure for legalizations at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs

From November 15th the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Denmark is launching a new procedure for legalization of documents. From now on all legalization requests are to be registered and paid for on the Ministry’s online webshop prior to visiting the legalization office. The Ministry of Foreign Affair is also launching a new e-Apostille, an electronic version of the Apostille certificate that will make it possible to obtain legalizations online (if the documents are electronically signed, e.g. police certificates).

EU summit in Gothenburg 17th of November

The EU summit will be held in Gothenburg on the 17th of November, which will cause some traffic irregularities in the city center on the 16th and the 17th of November. We would therefore encourage you to apply for visas in time, as delays are to be expected.

Issues with Bangladesh e-visa application system

Bangladesh online e-visa application system has the past week been experiencing major malfunctions and the system support unit has no prediction to when the system will be fixed.

However, even though the system is malfunctioning the embassy still requires a printed hard copy that is signed in original without hand made corrections or attachments. No exceptions are made and all applicants are forced to continue submitting their applications until they have succeeded to print a fully filled application.

Biometric service for Russian visa available in Aarhus

We are glad to finally announce that our clients applying for a visa to Russia now are able to use the biometric services in Aarhus. This applies to both business and tourist travels, as well as both regular and express processing procedures are available. Read more about the service and important deadlines in our InfoBook.


Exciting things are happening at Comet, and we would like to remind you that our office in Copenhagen has moved to Langebrogade 5, 1411 Copenhagen C. 
We are now seated in a Regus office building and visitors should contact the reception and they will let us know you’re here! 
Please make sure to update our address in your systems.

The Chinese Consulate in Gothenburg starts with express service.

The Consulate of China in Gothenburg starts with express service

There is now three options of processing time at the Consulate of China in Gothenburg.
Normal processing time is 4 working days.
Express is 3 working days.
Urgent is 2 working days.  (Back from CVS after 15:00)
Additional fees will apply depending on processing time.