Relocation made easy

Thanks to our new worldwide network of global immigration providers, we are now able to manage the immigration and relocation process for you. We are not just seeing your employees off for short business trips by handling your visa applications, authenticating and translating your business documents. We enable them to work abroad for longer periods of time – and even bring their families. Our Global Immigration Services help you move talent around the world – both to and from the Nordic countries.


The preparations for expat life require a great deal of time, trouble and expenses. Numerous documents must be procured, translated, and validated in order to obtain a work permit and a residence permit, such as:

  • Birth certificates
  • Marriage certificate
  • Criminal records
  • Employment contract
  • Statement of accounts

If you let us manage the process, you will have one point of contact – us – and you only receive one invoice.

The more far-off and exotic the destination, the more troublesome the process. And as you may know – bringing foreign employees into the Schengen Area is no picnic either. But don’t you worry about it. Our goal is to make it as easy for you to engage in business on the international market as it is at home.

We Open The World.

Going Home?
Let us manage the exit process. We will finalize the tax statements and any other paperwork necessary for the return of your expats.

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