Rusland (Stockholm)

Non-member of the Schengen Agreeement.

– Nordic citizens need a visa for business and tourist travel.
– Baltic citizens need a visa for business and tourist travel.
– All non-EU citizens must attach a copy of their residence permit, or a copy of Extract from the population register, not older than 3 months.
NOTE! British, Danish and Irish nationals must attach an Extract from the population register.

When travelling to Russia you must always register when you arrive. **
**This can be****done in three different ways:

-If you are staying in a hotel in Russia you can register there.
-You can also visit the company/organisation that issued the invitation and register through them.
-If you are renting an apartment in Russia you must submit a leasing contract to the police in Russia.

**- Observe that you also ALWAYS must de-register yourself when you leave Russia. **
– You do this at the same place where you registered.
– If you forget to de-register yourself this can result in fines, etc.

– The passport must be valid for at least 6 months after you have left Russia..
– The passport must have at least one blank double page (2 pages).
– Damaged or bent passports NOT ACCEPTED by the embassy.
– People travelling with a valid diplomat passport do not need a visa for stays shorter than 90 days.
– Alien passports are approved only if the identity is confirmed.
– Passports with the text, IDENTITY UNKNOWN, are not approved.

Provisional passport (Emergency passport)
– Accepted.
– The pink provisional passports not accepted when you apply for a multiple visa.
– Validity: see information under passport.

With reservations due to amendments not yet available to us.