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All documents that are to be legalised must be stamped by the Foreign Ministry. If an translation has been made the Swedish document also needs to be stamped by the Swedish Foreign Ministry.
Remember that the Foreign Office cannot directly authenticate all documents, certain documents must be authenticated by, for example, a Notary Public before the Foreign office can approve the document.

The Foreign office can stamp documents from the following authorities and instances:
– Medical Products Agency
– Patent and Registration Office
– Tax Authorities
– Other governmental authority
– Documents certified by an authorised translator
– Swedish Chamber of Commerce  
– Notary Public.

  • Documents from the Medical Products Agency, Patent and Registration Office, Tax Authorities, or other governmental authority must be signed. (Name and signature clarification. )
  • Birth certificates that are stamped by the tax authorities can go directly to the Foreign Office and do not need to go via a Notary Public.
  • A copy of all documents must be taken, it must be a copy of all pages regardless of whether or not it is deemed necessary. No oblique copies are accepted
    NOTE! If a registration certificate is legalized, the copy can not be counted as a basis for those who have the right to sign, these are two separate documents (additional copy of the registration certificate must be taken) Those who write the Application and the Power of Attorney shall be from the company whose legalization is meant. It is no longer possible with subordinates (third party legalizations).
    China is not part of the Hague Convention, therefore apostille is not accepted.

Copy of passport
– Only passport copy is accepted (copy of driving license is no longer accepted).

– Full name of the one applicant is to be entered
– City documents is to be used to be entered
– It should to be stated how many documents it contains
– Handling time should be indicated
– The signatory must have the right to sign and sign in two places.
– Must be in original.

Note! The signatory must be have a title such as Managing Director or Chair of the Board (can not be a Board Member only). No other category in the registration certificate may sign.

Certificate of registration
– The signatory must be mentioned in the certificate of registration, we shall highlight the person’s name. The signatory should be a Board Member with a title such as Managing Director or Chair of the Board.
– An excerpt from the the Companies Registration Authority in Sweden (Bolagsverket) is necessary. 

  • The excerpt must be in English.
  • Comet can assist in obtaining the excerpt from the Companies Registration Authority. 
    SEK 200 (excl. VAT)

Bolagsverket’s fee: SEK 100.

Power of attorney
– Must be signed by the same as signed application.
– Shall state which company the authorization comes from.
– The signatory shall have the right of signature according to the application and be the same as the application.

Authority’s fees
Legalisation fee:
– Private documents (such as adoption papers) SEK 200:- per document.
– Business documents SEK 400:- per document.
Additional fees:
– Express fee:
1 day SEK 230 + addtional fee for extra courier.


Authority’s processing time (working days)
– 1 week
– Express 1-2 days

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