Global Mobility

Moving Talent Made Easy

The preparations for expat life require a great deal of time, trouble, and expenses. Numerous documents must be procured, translated, and validated in order to obtain a work permit and a residence permit.

The more far-off and exotic the destination, the more troublesome the process. And as you may know – bringing foreign employees into the Schengen Area is no picnic either.

Thanks to our global network we are able to assist you in moving your talent around the world. We aim for all applicants to experience a smooth and secure journey through an oftentimes complex application process.

We are not just seeing your employees off for short business trips, but enable them to work abroad for longer periods of time.

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Every case is different but our Global Mobility Team will work with you create a set-up that meets your needs.

If you let us manage the process, you will have one point of contact – us – and you only receive one invoice.

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We offer tailored solutions

  • We tailor information and process based on company and applicant profile and answer all questions and investigate further if needed.
  • We provide the applicant with assessment and guidance to process and required documents.
  • We pre-check all documents and align document collection from the applicant and arrange appointments for interviews and bio-metrics if needed.
  • We handle all embassy, instance, and agency fees on your behalf and procure work and residence permits on behalf of the applicant.
  • You will have one point of contact and only receive one invoice


A Nordic company with a global presence

Because of our history and dedicated staff we know and meet the needs and demands of our Nordic clients. Our clients choose us because we understand Nordic companies and business, but has a global outreach.

We have excellent partnerships agents all around the world that do business the way we want to do business. Therefore we can coordinate and manage the relocation process to and from every part off the world with employees of every nationality.

Our clients’ needs and demands are constantly evolving and we evolve with them. We work with our clients to tailor solutions that fit their needs. Not all cases fit into fixed boxes.

“We open the world” is not just a tagline for us

One of our projects is assisting an international market leader with visa applications for their crew members settled all over the world, from China to Chicago, travelling to Africa. Many of our clients are based around the world and the mobility of their employees are essential to their business. We are always happy to assist our clients in getting where they need to be.