China (Hellerup)

The Hague Convention
Non-member of the Hague Convention.

– All documents need to be stamped by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs
– Copy of all Apostille stamps is needed (the Embassy needs the original and the copies)
– Comet needs a signed application for legalization form in order to process the documents at the Embassy of China:
If the documents are personal, the form needs to be signed by the owner of the documents.
If the documents are commercial, the form and the power of attorney needs to be signed by a member of the Board of Directors of the company. A copy of the company registration certificate is required (incl. the list of Board of Directors). 

– The signatory of the application for legalization form needs to send a copy of his/her passport and a power of attorney allowing Comet to act on his/her behalf. 
– In order for the Embassy to legalise any document, the stamp from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs can be 3 months old (maximum)
– The Ministry of Foreign Affairs cannot authenticate all documents. Please contact Comet Consular Services for further assistance
– Comet can provide assitance with both of the above mentioned processes.

Power of attorney
– Power of attorney that authorizes Comet Consular Services A/S to act on behalf of the company or private person.

Authority’s fees
DKK 250:- (per document)
Express, 1 days: + DKK 150:-

Note: Excl. Comet’s fees.

Authority’s processing time (working days)
4 days

– Express, 2 days: + DKK 150:-
– Express, 1 days: + DKK 250:-

With reservations due to amendments not yet available to us.