Kuwait (Stockholm)

The Hague Convention
Non-member of the Hague Convention.

– General and legal documents must be stamped by the Foreign Office.
– Remember that the Foreign Office cannot directly authenticate all documents, certain documents must be authenticated by, for example, a Notary Public before the Foreign office can approve the document.
– Trade documents must be stamped by the Chamber of Commerce.
– Copy of all documents must be attached 

  • Finnish documents shall be stamped at Kuwait’s embassy in Moscow.
  • Icelandic, Norwegian and Danish documents can be stamped by the Embassy of Kuwait in Stockholm.

The Foreign Office can stamp documents from the following authorities and instances:
– Medical Products Agency
– Patent and Registration Office
– Tax Authorities
– Other governmental authority or documents certified by an authorised translator.
– Swedish Chamber of Commerce
– Notary Public.

  • Documents from the Medical Products Agency, Patent and Registration Office, Tax Authorities, or other governmental authority must be signed. (Name and signature clarification).
  • The Embassy accept documents with apostille.
  • When legalization a Power of attorney, it must be written on the company, giving the authorization, letterhead.

–  The Embassy only accepts Certificates of Origin (COO)with Nordic countries as countries of origin (box 3).

Authority’s fees
– Invoices SEK 402:- each
– Certificate of origin SEK 602:- each
– Other documents SEK 202:- each.
– Observe that there is an additional charge of SEK 170 + VAT since the embassy fee must be paid via a bank


Authority’s processing time (working days)
2 – 3 days.

With reservations due to amendments not yet available to us.