Saudi Arabia (Oslo)

The Hague Convention
Non-member of the Hague Convention.

General and legal documents (such as powers of attorney, birth- and marriage certificates, diplomas etc.) must be stamped by the Notary Public and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs before they can be legalized by the embassy.
Trade documents (such as invoices, proformas, certificates of origin and commercial contracts etc.) must be stamped by the Chamber of Commerce before being legalized by the embassy. One should always attach a copy of the invoice that belongs to the order. All documents including copies must be stamped by company.
Power of Attorney: When legliazing a power of attorney, a copy of the passport of the persons who has signed the PoA must attached. All document and including the copy of the passport must be stamped by company.
All business documents that are to be legalized needs to be stamped by the company that has issued them.
A cover letter must be attached. It must be clearly stated what type of documents is to be legalized and contain the reference number of the legalization from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. The letter must be on company stationary. Please see enclosed example on cover letter. Must be stamped by company.

One must also fill out and signed the Embassy’s legalization form. Must be stamped by company.
Embassy requires copies of all documents that are to be legalized.

Certificate of origin
When legalizing a Certificate of Origin, a copy in English must be included as well as an invoice. Everything has to be legalized by the Chamber of Commerce.

Everybody has to fill out a form on the Ministry of Foreign Affairs homepage.To speed up the process however the Embassy strongly recommends that Comet fills out this form.
Please note that downloading the information takes 24 hours. This cannot be affected by Comet.

This form can be filled out by Comet.
Comets fee: NOK 500:- pr. document (VAT not included)
Please note that Enjazit takes a fee of USD 11;- pr. document

Power of attorney
Must be addressed to the embassy and state that Comet Consular Service can handle the legalization process for the company. Must be stamped by company.

Authority’s fees
Legalization fee: ca. 8,75,- USD per document. Payment is done through the Enjazit website,
Observe that there is an additional charge of NOK 160 + VAT since the embassy fee must be paid via banktransfer .
If there are several documents to be legalized, the embassy requires that all documents are paid separately, one by one.

Authority’s processing time (working days)
1 to 3 days.

With reservations due to amendments not yet available to us.