United Arab Emirates (Stockholm)

The Hague Convention
Non-member of the Hague Convention.

-The embassy in Stockholm can ONLY legalise documents from Sweden, Denmark and Finland. Other documents are sent to the United Arab Emirates’ Embassy in Berlin. (see info under the tab for this embassy).
-NOTE! Icelandic documents need to be processed at the United Arab Emirates Embassy in London.  
-Before legalisation, trade documents shall be stamped by the Chamber of Commerce.
-All other documents that shall be legalised must be stamped by the Foreign Office.
-Remember that the Foreign Office cannot directly authenticate all documents, certain documents must be authenticated by, for example, a Notary Public before the Foreign office can approve the document.

-Every invoice that shall be legalised shall have its own certificate of origin. You may not submit two invoices and one certificate of origin.
You cannot only legalise a certificate of origin, you must attach an invoice and that shall also be legalised.
-The embassy need 1 copy of each document after Notary Public and Ministry of foreign affairs has approved the documents.

Danish and Finnish documents that has been stamped by the Chamber of Commerce  must also be stamped by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in their respective countries.

Authority’s fees
The fee for legalizing:
– Grades, Diploma is SEK 600:-
– Extract from the population register, Marriage certificate is SEK 600:-
– Certificate of pharmaceutical product, CPP is SEK 600:-
– Certificate of origin is SEK 600:-
– TWIMC is SEK 600:-
– Power of attorney is SEK 8000:-
– Certificate of registration is SEK 8000:-
– Deed of assignment is SEK 8000:-
– Patent certificate is SEK 8000:-
– Free sales Cerificate, FSC is SEK 8000:-
– Assignment is SEK 8000:-
– The fee for invoices is calculated by the Embassy.


Authority’s processing time (working days)
1 day.

With reservations due to amendments not yet available to us.