Document legalization – prompt and reliable service with Comet

Business documents, whether you bring them on your own or send them overseas by mail or courier, are critical to any negotiation or agreement. We assist you in acquiring consular and official authentication of trade documents, legal papers, registrations, patent applications and the like which are necessary for conducting international business with full confidence and legal compliance.

Authorities such as the Chamber of Commerce, Notary Public and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs may have to review and stamp your documents with appropriate seals prior to final legalization with the embassy in question. In certain cases the simplified Apostille procedure is sufficient. Whatever the case, visiting these offices consumes time and resources better put to work elsewhere. With Comet, document legalization is a quick and cost-effective convenience.

In many cases, documents must be translated by authorized translators registered with various official instances and authorities. If so, do know that we also offer authorized translation services to and from any language should the need arise.

We offer a professional service that makes the legalization process simple, cost-effective and convenient. We provide up-to-date information regarding forms, rules and regulations for every corner of the world. We check your documents for compliance, deliver them to relevant legalization authorities, forward them the to the embassy or consulate, pay legalization fees on your behalf, make a final inspection and subsequently return your documents stamped and ready via courier or recorded signature mail. And if you are really in a hurry, we can arrange so that you may pick-up your documents at the airport.

Authorities for Legalization

Note that specific destination information provided here is basic and regard trade and legal documents only. Additional requirements and exceptions may apply. Full access to complete and updated information regarding your legalization matter is provided, free of charge, in our extended online service InfoBook. Apply for full access here.