India – Important updates regarding the application form

Mandatory fields in the application form 
Update from Embassy regarding application form. Questions which were not mandatory earlier are now mandatory. E.g. “Citizenship/National ID No” (personnummer) 10 digits, “Port of Exit”, “References”
It is very important to fill out ALL information correct.

The most common errors in the application are:
1. All given names are missing.
2. Given names are written in the place for the surname.
3. Wrong birth date.
4. Wrong passport details (date of issue, date of expiry and passport number)
5. Signatures are missing. (Should be two signatures. One under the photo on page 1 and one at the bottom of page 2).
6. Citizenship/National ID No is not filled out correct.
7. Port of exit is not filled out.
8. References, full details of reference in Sweden and India is not filled out correct.