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The sanctioning countries accuse Qatar of supporting Hamas and the Muslim Brotherhood among others which are viewed by many countries and organisations as terrorist groups.

Saudi Arabia and other countries have also criticized Qatar’s relations with Iran. Iran is the main rival of Saudi Arabia in the region, both financially and politically. The majority of Iranians are Shi´ite Muslims while Saudi Arabians are mainly Sunni Muslims, which contributes to the rivalry between the two countries.

One of the world’s largest underground gas fields is jointly owned by Iran and Qatar, which is one of the reasons for good relations between the countries. The two countries also cooperate extensively within the shipping sector.

The sanctioning countries issued a list of 13 demands to Qatar. Qatar has refused to comply with the demands and instead asked for continuous dialogue but there is still no progress.

A variety of diplomatic actions have been taken from the United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia and Egypt:

  • Saudi Arabia closed the border with Qatar (Qatar is a peninsula and only land border is with Saudi Arabia).
  • The airspace is restricted for Qatar Airways (the airline of Qatar) and flights are rerouted through Iranian airspace.
  • Flights between Qatar and the countries above have been suspended.

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