Jordan (København K)

The Hague Convention
Non-member of the Hague Convention.

– Trade documents need to be stamped by the Chamber of Commerce
– Legal documents need to be stamped by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs
– All documents need to be copied

– The Ministry of Foreign Affairs cannot authenticate all documents. Please contact Comet Consular Services for further assistance
– The Consulate cannot legalise private documents, such as a Power of Attorney

Authority’s fees
– Trade document: DKK 475:- (per document)
– Legal document: DKK 1,100:- (per document)
– Private document: DKK 200:- (per document)

– Additional charge of DKK 130:- since the embassy fee is paid via bank transfer
Note: Excl. Comet’s fees.

Authority’s processing time (working days)
1 – 2 days

With reservations due to amendments not yet available to us.