Comet acts as a connection to international business through rapid and efficient visa handling, legalisations, translations, global mobility solutions, and document logistics.

Comet assists companies and individuals in travelling to and engaging in business on the international market as easily and efficiently as at home. We open the world for you and your company. Our mission

The world has changed considerably since we started operations in 1985. Back then business travellers stood in line at embassies on their own two feet and managed their own visa applications. Some sent cab drivers, secretaries or commercial couriers, with varying degrees of success.

This provided us with our business idea: to manage the visa application process for the client and thereby liberate time for better use while minimising trouble and expenses. The same held true for other vital tasks related to business in the international market, such as official authentication of contracts, patents and other critical documents through the Chamber of Commerce and other legal instances, as well as prompt and proper translation of certificates, diplomas and such like, to and from any language.

Then as now, companies and corporations always pressed for time and manpower, simply can not manage these professional tasks on their own in a cost-effective manner.

Thus we created our own market. We filled a strong yet unspoken demand with a professional, rapid and dependable service that made it considerably easier for companies to act internationally. We have since built a dominating presence on the Nordic business travel market, a presence which now spans 30 years of exceptional service and commitment to our clients’ needs.

Comet shall, as a leading service partner in the Nordic countries for consular information, document and visa handling, contribute to making business easier and more successful in a more open world. Our vision
I can always rely on their swift and speedy answers. Every time I have questions related to visas or legalisations, they can be trusted to give me assistance, help and advice. Grete Hough, Norwegian Refugee Council
Comet always goes the extra mile to ensure that our applications are processed quickly and correctly so that we can meet out often very short deadlines. Comet’s consultants guide us and always makes us feel secure through the entire process. Annika Bloch Christensen, Chief of Staff, Drive Studios
Comet Consular Service fulfils our obligations to our clients regarding privacy rules and security and are trustworthy and reliable to protect sensitive information. Monica Mascarenhas & Annette Fogt, Visa Consultants, American Express Global Business Travel
We frequently need to send our crews to sites in countries where rather complex visa requirements prevail. Comet is vital in this process, as their knowledge and professionalism are excellent. Dorthe Pedersen, Management Secretary, Riantics A/S

The ongoing computing and information technology shift has created a new business landscape dominated by worldwide marketplaces, narrow profit margins, just-in-time logistics and ever-tougher competition. Yet despite our new digital environment, it remains critically important to be physically present with feet on the ground, to meet business partners face to face.

A yet more connected world stands in sharp contrast to complex visa application and legalisation processes. Ever changing office hours and complicated routines at the embassy make the entire visa process a costly and time-consuming challenge for the individual traveller or coordinator.

Our services naturally come at a price – a price far lower than what you would spend by handling the entire process on your own because it is not your core business to stand in line at the embassy.

A typical visa application for an individual business traveller requires as a minimum:

  • Finding, verifying and reading up on relevant information
  • Finding, filling in and double-checking the proper application form
  • Travel and expenses to the embassy, multiple visits on separate days
  • Waiting in line at the embassy
  • Express delivery costs or travelling again for documents pick up

These tasks require many hours and sometimes full days of attention and travel, with immediate consequences for your core business. What is a full day at your office worth to you?

Our success is due to our staff of experienced and knowledgeable professionals, a fully developed sense for service, and products that offer hands-on substance and value.

  • We manage the complexities, provide all the necessary information and solve any issues that may arise, to meet your deadline. We get you there, on time, in place, with all your papers in order.
  • We offer an easy, dependable and cost-effective solution, and a single point of contact for all your visa and legalisation requirements.
  • We provide a better cost overview, easier invoicing and fees management.
  • We help keep companies compliant when engaging in business in new markets with complex rules and regulations.
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Our Senior Management

  1. Mats Collberg

    Chief Executive Officer

  2. Mikkel Sloth Wismann

    Chief Operating Officer

  3. Cattis Bragman

    Director HR & Administration

  4. Roger Aanderud-Larsen

    Chief Information Officer

  5. Liselotte Carlén

    Strategic Senior Advisor

Quality policy

Our quality policy states the underlying principles that govern how we act and the attitude we have towards our operation to ensure that the service we provide our customers shall be perceived as the best on the market.

  • Our most important measure of quality is our customers’ satisfaction with regard to our service.
  • We establish clear performance goals and standards and regularly measure our results. The right quality level is achieved when we attain the stated goals.
  • We prioritize preventive measures and strive to make error-free efforts in all areas. We set performance standards and communicate these regularly throughout our organization to ascertain that work is carried out accordingly.
  • We know that quality is a personal responsibility and the task of every individual. Continuous improvement is a natural way of working within Comet Consular Services.
  • We aim to build a company that is regarded by its employees as one they are proud to work for, that communicates with them, listens and responds appropriately, values them and invests in them.

Environmental policy

We shall at all times, and based on our customers’ demands and Comet’s own resources and conditions, work to:

  • Reduce the environmental impact caused by our vehicles.
  • Constantly improve operations from an environmental perspective.
  • Adhere to current environmental legislation, other societal demands and the demands of our customers.
  • Achieve Comet Consular Services’ environmental goals.
  • Ensure that our efforts shall be governed by a combination of what is financially reasonable and technologically and ecologically motivated.

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