Service charges

Each and every consular job is unique in regard to embassy fees, translation requirements, delivery methods and additional factors that may come into play.
Please refer to our standard price lists for our service:

Price List Sweden

Price List Denmark

Price List Norway

Price List Finland

Note, that consular fees, delivery costs and bank charges are not included into the service price. Please contact our Customer Services to get detailed pricing information regarding your case.

Valuable services – at what cost?

Our services naturally come at a price – a price far lower than what you would spend by handling the entire process on your own. Let’s look at a typical visa application for an individual business traveller:

  • Finding, verifying and reading up on relevant information
  • Finding, filling in and double-checking the proper application form
  • Travel and expenses to the embassy, multiple visits on separate days
  • Waiting in line at the embassy
  • Embassy fee
  • Express delivery costs or travelling again for documents pick up

These tasks require many hours and sometimes full days of attention and travel, with immediate consequences for your core business. What is a full day at the your office worth to you?

With Comet as your consular services partner, you can remain profitable at the office while we manage the chores.  And you get a single point of reference and contact for all your jobs – in addition to better cost overview, easier invoicing and fees management.

Value for money