Blog post by martin

The Chinese authorities in Stockholm have expanded the required information that applicants have to give when applying for visas.

  • Whether the applicant applies through the Chinese Online Visa Application system or through Comet’s simplified application form all information boxes must be filled if clicked ‘Yes’.
  • Page 1 and 8 in the visa application for China needs to be signed by the applicant. The signatures need to match the signature of the passport and it needs to be in original.
  • From 1 April 2019, the Chinese Embassy will no longer provide Urgent Service (2 working days) until further notice.

Due to exceptionally stricter rules for Chinese visa applications in Sweden, we will adjust our prices

From March 25th we will adjust our prices to accurately reflect the increased service level that is needed to meet the new requirements from the Chinese authorities.

All orders for China will have an additional fee at 350 SEK (excl. VAT). This is to cover the extra resources needed to handle the China orders. The price increase will be temporary, and we will review our prices in about three months and see if China has diminished their requirements.

We will keep you updated about the current situation with Chinese authorities.