Our services

Speedy, accurate and dependable service

There is little room for error or delay in today’s fast-paced business world. Narrow windows of opportunity and intense competition requires fast response and instant ability to put boots on the ground and signatures on paper. For any company active on the international market, this typically calls for speedy, correct and dependable services related to travel arrangements, visas and legalization of documents. This is our business.

Deal by you. Visa by Comet.

Far from all international business trips are planned well in advance. We help you seal the deal by providing prompt and expert visa application services, so that you may get to the place of decision in time. Read more!

Legalized to do business. Anywhere.

Are you bringing contracts, certificates or other vital business-related documents to your international destination? We make arrangements and ensure that your documents are properly legalized and returned with utmost speed – stamped and ready by the embassy and relevant authorities. Read more!

Translators with deep know-how. At your call.

Our vast network of authorized translators have excellent sense for technical terms and specific industry jargon, in any language you care to name. Read more!