Are you uncertain of which visa type you should apply for?

Many clients call us trying to figure out which visa they should apply for. There’s a jungle of various visa types, and it can sometimes be difficult to understand which visa is the correct one for you.

Although there’s no definite answer to this question, Comet’s 30+ years of experience enable us to provide you with a rule of thumb:

  • If you are attending business meetings in the country of destination, Comet always advise you to apply for a business visa. True, some countries allow individuals to attend business meetings on a tourist visa, but to be on the safe side, we advise you to get a business visa.
  • If you are doing manual labor in a shorter time limited period, Comet advise you to apply for a temporary work visa.
  • If you are conducting business and/or manual labor over an extended period of time, Comet advise you to apply for a work visa.

Still uncertain which visa you should apply for? Contact Comet’s professional immigration services, and we will help you determine which type of visa you should apply for. Please be advised that this is a premium service with a separate service fee in addition to your visa application fee.

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