Irak (Stockholm)

The Hague Convention
Non-member of the Hague Convention.

– All documents that are to be legalized must be stamped by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
– Remember that the Foreign Office cannot directly authenticate all documents, certain documents must be authenticated by, for example, a Notary Public before the Foreign office can approve the document.
– Trade documents must be stamped by the Chamber of Commerce and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
– For trade documents you need to attach a License of Import, a copy is accepted. License of import comes from the Ministry of Commerce in Iraq and must be stamped by Ministry of Foreign affairs in Iraq.
The document is for a specific import so it can only be used once. 

  • On the Certificate of Origin, a Swedish company must be the sender (nr 1) or Sweden must be the country of origin (nr 3).
    -The embassy need 1 copy of each document after Notary Public and Ministry of foreign affairs has approved the documents.

– The Embassy has to wait for an approval from Iraq before they can legalize the documents.
– This process can take 1 week.

– Estonian documents must be legalized by the Iraqi Embassy in Helsinki.
– Lithuanian and Latvian documents must be legalized by the Iraqi Embassy in Warzaw.

Authority’s fees
– Legalization fee:SEK 1600:- per document.
– Cash upon submission.


Authority’s processing time (working days)
7 working days.

With reservations due to amendments not yet available to us.