The language of business
– translations by Comet

Contracts, agreements, letters of intent, presentations and other supporting documents are the currency of international business. When applying for visas or when submitting documents for legalization – or simply when any type of document must be forwarded to foreign recipients in their native language – prompt and accurate translation attain prime importance.

Comet Consular Services provide access to a vast network of authorized translators with extensive experience of translation to and from any language known to man. Mandarin, Hindi or Farsi – no challenge is too great for our network of professional translators.

Our translators are especially experienced in business and legal terms, as well as knowledgeable in technology and jargon typical in the off-shore, automotive and medical industries, among others. And because they are authorized by various official instances, the output content is guaranteed to be dependable and accurate.

We offer professional stand-alone translation services, typically as part of a visa or legalization matter, as well as long-term contract assignments. Please contact Comet Customer Services to learn more about our translation portfolio.

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