Russia (Copenhagen)

Non-member of the Schengen Agreeement.

**NOTE: All applicants are requested to go in person to the visa application center VFS (Cort Adelers Gade 4, stuen 1053 København K, Danmark) to submit their biometric traits (fingerprints scanning). **

  • The scanning of fingerprints is obligatory for all nationalities applying for visa to Russia in Denmark with exception for diplomatic and service visas and for persons under the age of 12. Biometric data will not be stored at the embassy’s database, therefore it will be necessary to follow the same procedure each time one applies for a visa.

  • Citizens of all European countries need a visa to travel to Russia (except holders of valid diplomatic passports and the passengers of cruise ships – see tourist visa section)

  • An official registration is needed if the applicant stays in Russia more than 7 working days (the hotel/inviting company/inviting person is/are responsible for the applicant’s registration)

  • Keep the receipt of registration and the stamped migration card in the passport until departure

Note! Travels between Russia, Belarus and Kasakhstan are considered as “domestic” flights, so travellers going from Russia to another country via one of the above mentioned countries need to apply for a transit visa – the “24 hour visa free” rule will not apply in these cases.

– Passport valid (6) months after the date of departure from Russia
– 2 free pages
– Damaged passports not accepted

Provisional passport (Emergency passport)
Validity: see information under passport.

Residence permit
Citizens of Schengen countries can apply for a visa in Copenhagen without a residence permit in Denmark (see attached list)

  • British and Irish citizens need:
    1) Proof of registration (Bevis for registrering) from Københavns Overpræsidium issued by a local Kommune OR
    2) Residence permit (see an example under documents)

  • Most citizens of non-Schengen countries need a temporary or permanent residence permit in Denmark ( in order to apply through the consular section in Copenhagen – see attached list)

  • US and Australian citizens do not need a residence permit. However, the processing time is 15 working days (urgent service not available. Urgent service is only available for those who have a residence permit in Denmark)

With reservations due to amendments not yet available to us.