Russia (Oslo)

Non-member of the Schengen Agreeement.

Citizens of all European countries need a visa to travel to Russia (with exception for the holders of valid diplomatic passports and the passengers of cruise ships)

If you stay in Russia for more than 7 working days, you have to be officially registered. Your inviting company or person is responsible to registrer you at the address of your stay (at a post office or a migration service office). If you stay at a hotel, you will be registered for the whole period of your stay there. IMPORTANT: keep the receipt of registration and stamped migration card in your passport until you leave the country.

Note! All non-norwegian citizens must attach their residence permit or certificate of residence from Folkeregisteret (Skattekontoret). For EU-citizens it is sufficient with a copy of the permit. All other nationalities must submit the residence permit in original.

The passport must be valid for at least 6 months after you have left the country.
The passport must have at least one blank double page (2 pages).
Damaged or bent passports NOT ACCEPTED by the embassy.

Provisional passport

With reservations due to amendments not yet available to us.