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Arranging for a visa with all necessary paperwork, stamps, and signatures is a costly, time-consuming, and complicated process full of pitfalls and delay.

It often requires many hours and sometimes full days of attention and travel, with immediate consequences for your core business. What is a full day at the office worth to you?

Whether it is for a business visa, tourist visa, work, or crew visa, for China, Russia, India, USA or any other destination in the world, our service embraces every aspect of the visa application process.

We eliminate the chore of standing in line at the embassy, reduce associated costs, and make the entire visa application process as easy as it possibly can be.

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  1. Create an order

    Find information about the requirements online and place your order in InfoBook or contact our Customer Service.

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  2. Send passport and supporting documents

    Collect all required documents and send them together with the order confirmation to us or book a pick-up of your documents in InfoBook.

    Visas for some destination might require further steps like giving biometric data etc.

  3. Get your visa

    We return your passport and visa after a thorough check via courier or recorded signature mail. And if you are really in a hurry, we can arrange so that you may pick-up your documents at the airport.

Comet Consular Services

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InfoBook is our free online information and booking platform that provides our corporate clients with up-to-date and full information concerning the consular requirements for every destination and can order our services.

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We manage the complexities, provide all the necessary information and solve any issues that may arise, to meet your deadline

  • We provide up-to-date information regarding forms, rules and restrictions for every corner of the world.
  • We give assistance so that you may fill out the application correctly and remind you of including attachments, invitations, and photos as required.
  • We check your application for compliance and deliver it to the embassy or consulate, pay visa fees on your behalf.
  • We provide a single point of contact and creates a clear overview of fees and associated costs.
Very often NRC staff have to travel on short notice and sometimes assistance and advice are needed urgently. In these occasions it good to know that I can rely on Comet and that is why I appreciate their effectiveness and professionalism. Grete Hough, Norwegian Refugee Council
Our company travels to many destinations with very complex and stringent regulations for entry. Comet has the expertise to ensure that our employees can travel to and do business in many difficult places. Annika Bloch Christensen, Chief of Staff, Drive Studios
Comet has always shown their dedication to assist us with all questions that have arisen. Especially when applying for a visa in countries with comprehensive requirements, we are unable to be abreast of all requirements and changes, and therefore Comet is an important partner to us. Dorthe Pedersen, Management Secretary, Riantics A/S

Visa by Comet – Because time is always of the essence

We have been providing expert visa application services in the Nordic since 1985. Due to our dedicated staff often with many years of experience, we continually meet and exceed the needs and demands of our Nordic clients.

We focus on embassy relations which allows us to be at the forefront of developments in rules and regulations and pass on the newest information to our clients.

Our customer services can answer all questions regarding visa types and requirements and are available by email, phone, and chat for all clients within opening hours.

Our services embrace every aspect of the visa application process as a standard and come at very competitive prices. Premium or VIP service comes as standard with Comet.

We are experts in document logistics and have excellent partnerships with logistic companies all over the world. This allows us to provide flexible logistic solutions, from picking up documents to day-to-day delivery around the world.