Visa by Comet – easy, cost-effective and reliable service

Stringent immigration rules and trade barriers conspire to make international business travel an exercise in frustration, especially when time is at a premium. While the world is becoming ever more user-friendly in many respects, arranging for an entry visa with all necessary paperwork, stamps and signatures remains a time-consuming and complicated business full of pitfalls and delay.

We know that time is a critical and precious commodity for any company or individual business traveller. Our concept is to eliminate the chore of standing in line at the embassy, to reduce associated costs and to make the entire visa application business as easy as it possibly can be. We put you in the fast lane to your international destination.

Our service embraces every aspect of the visa application process.
We provide up-to-date information regarding forms, rules and restrictions for every corner of the world. We give assistance so that you may fill out the application correctly and remind you of including attachments, invitations and photos as required. We check your application for compliance and deliver it to the embassy or consulate, pay visa fees on your behalf and subsequently return your passport and visa after a thorough check via courier or recorded signature mail. And if you are really in a hurry, we can arrange so that you may pick-up your documents at the airport.

Note that specific destination information provided here is basic. Additional requirements and exceptions may apply, depending on the destination and type of visa. Full access to complete and updated information including application forms and supporting documents is provided, free of charge, in our extended online service InfoBook. Apply for full access here.