Corporate values

Our mission – about the world and our place in it

The ongoing computing and information technology shift has created a new business landscape dominated by worldwide marketplaces, narrow profit margins, just-in-time logistics and ever-tougher competition. Yet despite our new digital environment it remains critically important to be physically present with feet on the ground, to meet business partners face to face and to sign deals with real ink on real paper.

A yet more connected world stands in sharp contrast to traditionally complex manual visa handling. Ever changing office hours and complicated routines at the embassy makes the entire visa process a costly and time-consuming challenge for the individual traveller. Our business idea is to simplify the visa application process and save time, energy and associated costs for the customer. This is our core offer, what we call our mission:

Comet assists companies and individuals to travel to and engage in business on the international market as easily and efficiently as at home. We open the world for you and your company.

Or, put briefly:

We open the world

Our vision – the long-term goal

The world has changed considerably since we started operations in 1985. The nature of business has changed from analog to digital, and the political landscape that affect much of our business has changed too, and will continue to change in the future. These factors alone challenges us to adapt and extended our service offering as a complement to our core business.

Our vision statement is a long-term goal that together with the sentence ”We open the world” describes our future position on the market and acts as inspiration for our entire business:

Comet shall, as a leading service partner in the Nordic countries for consular information, document and visa handling, contribute to making business easier and more successful in a more open world.