The Comet story

Before Comet there was… nothing. Back in the so-called good old days, business travellers stood in line at embassies on their own two feet and managed their own visa applications. Some sent cab drivers, secretaries or commercial couriers, with varying degrees of success.

This provided us with a business idea: to manage the visa application process for the customer and liberate eons of time, trouble and expenses for better use. The same held true for other vital tasks related to business on the international market, such as official authentication of contracts, patents and other critical documents through the Chamber of Commerce and other legal instances, as well as prompt and proper translation of certificates, diplomas and such like, to and from any language known to man.

Then as now, companies and corporations, always pressed for time and manpower, simply could not manage these professional tasks on their own in a cost-effective manner.

Thus we created our own market. We filled a strong yet unspoken demand with a professional, rapid and dependable service that made it considerably easier for companies to act internationally. We have since built a dominating presence on the Nordic business travel market, a presence which now spans 30 years of exceptional service and commitment to our clients’ needs. Our success is much due to our staff of experienced and knowledgeable professionals, a fully developed sense for service and products that offer hands-on substance and value.